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  • Calle: New TLDs will be good for .Co

    1. BY - Dec 23, 2013
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    .Co Internet CEO thinks new TLDs will gain acceptance over time and ultimately be good for his own .co domain name.

    .coEveryone has been asking the question about what new TLDs mean for .com. Few have been asking what new TLDs mean for existing alternatives to .com, such as .me, .info, and of course .co.

    .Co Internet CEO Juan Diego Calle has weighed in on the issue on the .Co company blog.

    It’s a well-thought out post worth reading in its entirety, but I’ll attempt to summarize it a bit:

    – new TLDs will increase awareness that there are alternatives to .com, which is good for .co.
    – previous attempts by ICANN to allow new TLDs have been too limited to raise enough awareness, so this round is different.
    – slowly but surely, brands will begin using new TLDs. Others will start to adopt them over time, too.
    – the .com namespace will actually benefit in the shortrun, as previously unused domains are offered for sale at reasonable prices and more get used.
    – .co will rise with the tide, helped out by its head start, implied meaning, and lack of ICANN restrictions (as a ccTLD).

    You may not agree with everything Calle argues, but I think it’s mostly a fair representation of how things will look in the future. And if I were a new TLD applicant, I’d pay close attention to what .co thinks. It already has the battle scars of trying to launch a new TLD.


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