A stellar week for end user domain name sales at Sedo

OPS.com, DPC.com, and Fork.com all sold to end users.

Sedo had a great past week for end user domain name sales. Several companies paid serious cash for good three letter domain names and category defining names.

Two companies plunked down $100k each for domain names to top Sedo’s public list of sales.

A Japanese company called Tibanne Co bought OPS.com for $100,000. Its website suggests that the company is still getting off the ground. Garry Chernoff sold the domain name (he also sold another through Sedo last week, see below.)

As for Deco.com, the registrar’s whois database is not returning the registrant’s information yet. But at $100k, I assume we’re looking at an end user.

Here are other Sedo end user sales:

VETTER Umformtechnik, which manufactures forks (not the kind you eat with!) bought Fork.com for $50,000.

Congrats are in order for Dew Point Control, LLC, which smartly bought the three letter acronym DPC.com for $60,000. That’s a lot shorter than DewPointControl.com.

A CSC client, most likely publicly traded clothing company Ted Baker plc, bought TedBaker.de for 2,850 EUR.

Another CSC client bought Spas-Jacuzzi.be for $1,500. The .com is owned by someone else. Even more strange, spasjacuzzi.be is available for registration.

Conglomerate Koch Industries‘ Koch Business Solutions business unit bought KEU.de for 2,390.

It appears that the buyer of TribalWars.pl for 1,550 EUR was Innogames. Innogames lost a UDRP against NameMedia for TribalWars.com and then ended up buying the domain name for $34,910.

Mum Network Ltd, owner of Pregnancy.co.uk, Babies.co.uk, and Babynames.co.uk, bought Parent.co.uk for 5,000 GBP.

Web analytics firm Quantcast bought Quantcast.co.uk for $1,500.

Retirement Solutions UK Ltd paid 1,200 GBP for IncomeDrawdown.co.uk.

A Mark Monitor client bought DeepTech.net for $2,450.

This is an interesting business. Holiday Image Inc. creates seasonal displays (e.g. Christmas) for national retailers, malls, etc. It bought RetailImage.com for $1,788.

Garry Chernoff sold MoveEasy.com for $7,500. The domain hasn’t transferred yet, but it’s probably an end user buyer.

The owner of Fire-Proof.com picked up BurnStop.com for 1,000 EUR.

Airport transport company SuperShuttle bought Excar.com for $999.

Compliance Solutions GmbH, owner of ComplianceSolutions.be, bought ThirdPartyCompliance.com for $900.

Canadian media giant Rogers Communications Inc. bought RogersEnterprise.com for $2,195.

Hans Held GmbH, a document management company known as HELD, bought Held.info for 3,000 EUR.

Business credit reports company LLH Data, which uses the tagline “We Know Data”, bought WeKnowRealty.com for $2,500.

Flightstats, Inc., which runs the airline stats site FlightStats.com, bought FlyWithMe.com for $7,990.

ASA Automotive Systems bought ASAAuto.com for $2,000.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, which uses TOSMag.com as its web address, bought TheOldSchoolHouse.com for $1,000.

123Greetings.com, Inc. bought 123Invitations.com for $1,250.

MediaMall Technologies, which offers the PlayOn media server for video streaming at PlayOn.tv, bought PlayNow.tv for $2,500.

Riversong Lodge in Alaska bought RiversongLodge.com for $877.


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