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  • Yahoo gets patent for prioritizing cybersquatting cases

    1. BY - Jul 30, 2013
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    Patent covers discovering and prioritizing cybersquatting issues.

    Yahoo logoThe U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent number 8,499,032 (pdf) to Yahoo for a “System and method for compiling a set of domain names to recover”.

    The invention, which I wrote about when the application was published in 2010, allows a trademark owner to generate a list of potentially infringing domain names. This list is run against network data to prioritize which domain names get the most traffic. If the trademark already owns the domain but it doesn’t resolve, it can be flagged to add content to the domain.

    If another party owns it, the invention helps determine if there any “aggravating factors” against the registrant, such as if the registrant is a known cybersquatter.

    Jonathan Matkowsky, previously Yahoo’s Legal Director, Global Brand Protection, is the listed inventor. He has since left Yahoo and is in private practice.

  • Well, I guess if there was little reason to park domains at Yahoo before, now it’s imperative that you don’t since they will use “network data” to spotlight you.

    As we all know, this will happen whether you are a cybersquatter or not.

  • Imagine how many false “Hits” three and four letter domains will generate. And the clueless customer will feel duty bound to go after them.

    Created by a lawyer to benefit lawyers.

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