Ouch: Regions Bank video mea culpa for letting domain name expire

Head of eBusiness for bank explains that company let domain expire and apologizes to customers.

Hopefully this video saves other companies from letting their domain names expire.

Over the weekend Regions Bank let its domain name expire, which took its entire web site offline. It quickly renewed the domain name, but any sort of downtime for a bank of this size (1,700 branches) is more than an “uh-oh”.

Can you imagine the questions you’d receive from the CEO if your business unit was responsible for renewing the domain name?

I’m sure it was painful for Chris Cox, head of eBusiness for Regions. Below is a video Regions posted in which Cox explains the mistake and apologizes to customers.

Perhaps something good will come of this. Perhaps some CEO will see this video and ask his CTO, CMO, and the rest of the c-suite if they have a redundant plan to make sure their domain name – one of their most important but inexpensive assets – doesn’t expire.

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