Ron Paul files another domain dispute targeting

Ron Paul files additional domain dispute.

Ron Paul has filed another domain name complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The new case is targeted solely at

Earlier this month Paul filed a case against both and

So why a new case specifically for the .org?

The original case against the .com and .org has not been withdrawn (at least yet), so this doesn’t appear to be a case where the parties have amicably settled on the .com issue.

I think the real reason is that the domains are technically owned by two different parties.

Yes, we know it’s all the same owner. After all, the owners of offered give the .org to him. (They later removed their own self-incriminating evidence from their web site, but it lives on.)

But the whois records are different.

Both and are owned by companies in Panama. (Who knew that Paul’s greatest supporters fighting for him to be able to change America were based in Panama?) is apparently owned by DN Capital Inc (not to be confused with Domain Capital), which is in the business of “domain name acquisition, management, brokerage and recovery services, website design and administration, graphic design, as well as content creation.”

As of September of last year the domain was owned by “Customer 13725″ who was located in Mexico, but that’s a different matter., on the other hand, is owned by “JRN Corporation”, which is also apparently based in Panama.

So it’s possible Paul had to file a separate UDRP against the domain since, in the eyes of UDRP, these are two separate owners.

We’ll see when the decisions are published.


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    Heh! I’m glad I disregarded the MSM headlines which – true to form – attempted to cast Ron Paul in a bad light by depicting this dispute as a battle between Paul and his own supporters.

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