TLDH gets up to $15 million for a single top level domain name auction

TLDH and investor are going big on one top level domain.

Top Level Domain Holdings Limited announced it has received up to $15 million in backing to be used to chase a single top level domain at auction.

The money is strictly for bidding in an auction for one undisclosed TLD.

Not disclosing which domain the funding is for was a brilliant move. Now companies in a contention set with TLDH will have to worry about which domain TLDH will have this warchest for.

The money is being put up by an investor who will get a share of future revenues generated by the single TLD. The investor will not have other ownership in TLDH.

TLDH applied for 92 new gTLDs on behalf of itself and clients. 21 of those are uncontested, 11 have only one competitor, and 12 have two competitors.

My guess is the money is for an auction with more than two competitors or at least one heavyweight such as Google or Amazon.

You can see the list of domains TLDH applied for here. Which one do you think it is?


  1. Francois says


    .law and .realestate means nothing in the countries that does not speak english, without say they are only verticals.

    .app and .eco for me looks the most promised for a worldwide and mass use.

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