Survey: domainers have a new favorite domain parking company

InternetTraffic selected as top domain parking company.

Less than two years after opening his own domain parking platform, domain investor Frank Schilling is at the top of the heap.

Participants in Domain Name Wire’s 8th annual industry survey have selected InternetTraffic as the top domain parking service.

Data show that the domain parking business is still fragmented. InternetTraffic received 22% of the vote but seven companies received at least 6%.

Here are the top parking companies according to the survey:

1. InternetTraffic 22%
2. Sedo 17%
3. Voodoo 8%
4. Bodis, Rook, GoDaddy, SmartName (6%, tie)

Domain owners continue to report relatively low RPMs on their parked domains.

38% reported earning less than $10 per 1,000 page views in 2012:


42% of respondents said their domain parking revenue was down in 2012 compared to the prior year, with 15% reporting a drop of at least half.

29% reported an increase while 28% said it was flat.

Domainers aren’t bullish about 2013, either. 34% think parking revenue will go down while only 24% predict an improvement.


  1. says

    i moved all my crappy domains over to internet traffic three months ago. went from thirty cents a day to five dollars a day. that’s money in my pocket man… money in my pocket.

  2. Ron says

    Hands down, IT was the right choice, most people do not understand just how much control that platform puts in the hands of a domainer. After using sedo for years, I was selling in the dark, It is nice to have some transparency.

  3. says


    I have recently put my domains at ParkingCrew –
    It is too soon to know if it wise decision – After reading the comments above I guess It is time to move them to InternetTraffic – I will be happy with 1 dollar a month per domain :)

  4. says

    @ rob sequin –

    I think there are a couple reasons.

    First, DS is big partly because it has its own portfolio of 700k or so domains.

    Second, they have some big clients. They haven’t been catering to the smaller guys as much as back in the day compared to some of the newer companies. There are fewer “big” clients than “small” ones in the domain industry, so they won’t get as many votes.

  5. says


    I see oversee drops all over the place so they are seriously cutting back on their portfolio.

    I’m sure you know more than me but I would guess they HAD some big clients.

    One bulk nameserver change and oversee clients are clients by the end of the day.

  6. says has cut its portfolio significantly over the past year. I don’t remember the exact number they told me, but it was more like hundreds of thousands rather than tens of thousands.

    I suspect they had a lot of marginal domains that barely paid their annual fee in PPC revenue each year.

  7. says

    Okay. We agree on that point.

    Now, do you think parking revenue is up or down over the past few years?

    Also, do you think they have gained or lost customers over the past few years?

    Any old customers going back to them after trying another parking service?

    I say no to all of the above.

    Just saying… I don’t believe they are as big or as profitable as they make themselves appear to be.

    And a .com company that doesn’t own its domain .com.

    Always been strange to me.

  8. says

    “Just saying… I don’t believe they are as big or as profitable as they make themselves appear to be.”

    I don’t think they’ve ever said what their profits are. They keep that private. Perhaps it’s your impression of how big they are, which could be formed from any number of things.

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