Get your one-year-old premium domains right here, folks!

A strange pitch for a domain name.

I receive a lot of funny emails pitching domain names for sale.

From the completely-unrelated-domain pitch:

“Because you own, we thought you might like the domain”

to the WTF would anyone do with that domain? pitch:

“ is now for sale!” (that was a real pitch I got last week).

This week’s selling point?

That a domain was one year old.

I received two emails from “Jordan Wilson” with these openers:

“The 1 year old premium domain is up for sale…”

“The 1 year old premium domain is up for sale…”

I guess the definition of an “aged” domain is changing.


  1. James says

    diasp”o” would have been a good name.

    I’ve received never-ending emails about the imminent sale of from who won’t heed my pleas to cease and desist with the barrage. If anyone wants to overload their mailbox with spam, be my guest.

  2. Lance says

    NOW that was funny….funny cause its true.

    I got one last week I cant remember without going back into email but close example was “cause you own I thought you might be interested in

    I think i nearly cried for to many reasons

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