Dear Miami Beach: save yourself some trouble and don’t buy this domain

City is apparently spending internal resources looking at a domain it shouldn’t bother with.

Today’s Miami Herald reports about the domain name

The article explains that the husband of a Miami Beach Commissioner is brokering the sale of the domain name.

It goes on to discuss the city’s ethics rules and the problems of having a commissioner’s husband broker the sale. The broker said he’d hand negotiations over directly to the seller and forgo a commission if the city is interested.

Apparently the city has expended some internal resources to look into the matter:

City Attorney Jose Smith said his office “has been asked to look at all legal issues associated with the ownership and use of the domain name.”

With a starting price of $5,000, the city shouldn’t waste any time on this domain. It’s not worth it.

True, the .com version of this domain is listed on BuyDomains for $24,900. Even if the domain is worth that much, I wouldn’t pay near $5,000 for the .net. The .org is also listed on BuyDomains with a price of $3,500.


  1. says

    i LOVE that name. i ‘d be willing to go the whole 99 cents on godaddy if it was available for handreg. but not much more. ‘course i like to make a profit and my wife doesn’t have a government checkbook so i may not be their ideal buyer.

  2. Leonard Britt says

    Perhaps I should have taken advantage of the chance to pick up for $1000 about ten months ago. It lasted about a week before someone else picked it up.

  3. says

    Leonard, I saw too but passed on it. Great domain.

    I was in Miami Beach a few weeks ago. Really a fantastic place and yes, it is a city.

    The city should work with the Miami Herald that owns and and forget about that stupid .net domain.

  4. Phil Phillipo III says

    That is not a real story. That domain name is worthelss. Ill sell them

    if they like. Ill give them a good deal.

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