owner threatens

Company sends cease & desist letter, claiming violates service mark.

This one is so crazy it’s almost funny — although I’m sure it’s not funny for the owner of

SA International, the owner of, has sent a cease and desist letter (pdf) to the owner of, claiming that infringes its service mark for

The cease and desist claims that SA International has been using the domain and service mark “to identify the sale of advertising, templates, and the like and the service of assembling sign elements and has done so exclusively since at least as early as 2007.”

As for, what do you think it sells? Why, signs of course.

And its predecessor has been doing it for a long time. was registered in 1997. A whois record from 2000 — the oldest available on DomainTools — shows that the predecessor of the current owner was the owner since at least 2000.

SA International claims “The use of the substantially identical and confusing mark, and the domain address is highly likely to cause confusion and also cause significant dilution of our client’s right to its mark.”


The owner of is fighting back. It filed suit in Utah, asking for declaratory judgment (pdf) that its use of the domain name doesn’t infringe SA International, Inc’s rights.


  1. Louise says

    It’s good it filed suit in court – right? A UDPR can’t be decided, while there is litigation pending, right?

  2. Steve says

    It’s unfortunate there is no real penalty for reverse domain high-jacking. Obviously the owner of should be able to sell signs and sign related items. The owners of are parasites that deserve a MASSIVE fine. Even their hack site looks like crap. They should be nice to Mr. or Mrs. and maybe they can benefit from someone that obviously has a better handle on the “sign” business.

  3. Steve says

    It’s unfortunate the domain owner has to take it to a Federal court. The UDRP system is a joke until real penalties are applied to reverse domain high-jackers. The UDRP system has been operating for years and doing nothing to deter this nonsense.

  4. Donny says

    Laches. Been to long.

    Generic. The term sign can be for anything how about a signature online service.

    How dumb this is and a waste of time.

  5. Steve says

    With all due respect, the only ones that are benefiting from this nonsense are the lawyers and the udrp system. If it wasn’t so brutal and cost so much to defend generic names the udrp system would be the biggest joke around. Year after year, more nonsense that shouldn’t even make it to a hearing……………

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