8 companies that changed their domain names…but it isn’t easy

It’s possible to change your domain name, but it’s easier to start with the right one.

Silicon India has a slideshow (God, I hate those things)Mashable has a recent post titled “8 Successful Companies Who Changed Domain Names“.

It covers:

Ask Jeeves
NBC News
Perez Hilton

It makes for fun reading, but it brings up a serious dilemma faced by many businesses.

I’m starting a business, but I can’t afford the domain name I want.

This is a tough one.

In most cases you can afford a good domain, even if it’s not your top pick. You might be able to lease the domain or do a payment plan. Or perhaps you have the money but you need to shift it from other parts of the budget, such as marketing.

But in some cases it just may be you don’t have the money. I get it.

Now that I’m using a non-optimum name, is it worth switching?

That’s another tough call. Let’s face it, changing domain names is painful. Especially when you’re successful. At that point it’s probably not the cost so much as the education and SEO.

In an ideal world you get the right domain to begin with, even if you have to stretch. But it’s possible — as many of these companies showed — to make a switch.


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