Merry Christmas: Go Daddy Groupon deal up to 67% off

Go Daddy offers a Groupon that might be hard to pass up.

Back in October Go Daddy ran a deal with Google Offers for $20 in credit for only $10.

Now it is running a Groupon that’s even better: $10 for $30 or $25 for $70.

It appears the deal is run in most if not all U.S. markets. For example, the Austin deal says 30 have been bought and the deal is on. But if you drop the city name it shows the deal but zero bought. Don’t worry, you can buy from any city.

Adam Strong at Domain Name News has already purchased and used the deal with success. Although clearly designed to get new customers and web hosting customers, Strong reports that you can use it for domain renewals.

The deal ends tonight and the credit is valid through February 27.


  1. says

    Thanks for the post. An offer not to be refused!

    That said I’m having difficulty redeeming the thing. The supplied Godaddy link resolves just to their home page and with no indication of how to redeem? Before I made the purchase I did a few searches on Google and it does seem genuine. I’ve sent an email to Groupon..

  2. Michael Benjamin says

    Thanks for the heads up. Was a great deal. Paid $25 for $70 GoDaddy credit. Then used a 30% discount code from GoDaddy renewal reminder e-mail. I renewed 10 domains for (effectively) $5.39 each. Considering I haven’t renewed my GoDaddy Domain Discount Club membership, I think I saved about $100. Thanks, again.

  3. says

    ..eventually I have received a reply from Groupon (they have been experiencing “unusually high email volume”). There is fine print on this deal; “Offer valid to U.S. and Canada residents only”. Groupon will refund my $25. They have also apologised for the delayed response.

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