UDRP filed against two letter domain Yu.com

Are Yu serious?

A UDRP has been filed against the owner of the two letter domain name Yu.com.

The case was filed by Two Way NV/SA at World Intellectual Property Organization.

It’s unclear who owns the domain. It has been protected by Moniker whois privacy for the past two years. Prior to that it was protected by NameView privacy, which means there may be a connection to Kevin Ham. The most recent non private registration record I can find at DomainTools is a 2006 record for Yuki Morimoto.

I’ve run multiple searches on the complainant’s name and can’t find anything about it.

I’ll keep you posted on the results of the case.

In a separate “acronym” domain case just filed, Nvia GestiĆ³n de Datos S.L. filed a complaint against Marchex over NVIA.com


  1. David says

    According to a record of domain whois histroy from Domaintools.com, YU.com’s owner may be c/o Nameview Inc. The owner had the domain before 2010-10-18.

  2. Frantisek Mrazek says

    I know but only the fact they lost and had to fight it in court is absurd. Someone not so well off could not have deffended it in court perhaps. Those (deleted) were always thieves…

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