28 end user domain sales

28 end user sales from Afternic and Sedo this past week.

Below is a selection of end user domain name sales from Afternic and Sedo last week.


I’m curious who paid $50,000 for Snipes.com. The domain is still in escrow, but I imagine it’s an end user.

Outdoor products company Firmly Planted dropped the hyphen in its domain, picking up FirmlyPlanted.com for $2,319. (Check out their web site, they sell some really cool outdoor stuff.)

Law firm Loeb & Loeb LLP paid $1,495 for Loeb.net.

Vehicle Dynamics Institute upgraded from VehicleDynamics.net to VehicleDynamics.com for $2,250.

Lead gen company Reply! Inc. bought Quotefolio.com for $1,500.

Backshop, creator of commercial real estate software, already owns Backshop.com. It went down the ladder to buy Backshop.net for $1,288.

Intersign Corporation bought HotelSigns.net for $2,588.

Counseling center The Dorm bought TheDorm.com for $2,000. It owns TheDorm.org.

Callier & Thompson Kitchen and Baths in St. Louis bought AffordableKitchensandBaths.com for $1,095.

Maricopa Integrated HealthSystem spent $15,000 on UniversityHealthcare.com.

Swift Transportation paid $2,000 for SwiftLogistics.com.

Syncsoft, based in Australia, went global with Syncsoft.com at $1,650. It owns Syncsoft.com.au.

Specialty Commerce Corporation bought SpecialtyCommerce.com for $2,800. Its web site is SCdirect.com.

Real estate investors Cohen & Associates upgraded from Cohen-Associates.net to CohenAssociates.com for $2,500.

The owner of SimplyPaws.net upgraded to .com for $1,250.

My nextdoor neighbor Planview returned to the aftermarket to buy ProductPortfolio.com for $1,588.

Bell Canada bought BellPlace.com for $1,195.

Wyoming Business Council paid $1,888 for WyomingMade.com.

A company called Human Resources Institute bought the domain of the same name for $2,588.

All American Party and Tent Rentals in Tyler, Texas bought PoshPotties.com for $2,477. Perhaps that’s for upscale portable toilets.


Digital Recruitment Limited made another aftermarket purchase with AccountantJobs.co.uk for 1,200 GBP.

A literary agent who publishes the web site LiteraryAgentNY.com bought Book-Publishing.com for $1,000.

Game company TrekSolver, Inc. bought CityTrek.com for $1,725.

Neighborhood social networking site NextDoor bought NextDoor.ca for $750. Read more about NextDoor, which sued the owner of NextDoor.cm, here.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car bought MajorEnterprise.org for $1,277. This is kind of strange as the .com version is currently for sale and owned by BuyDomains.

Document management company Cognidox Limited owns Cognidox.com but bought the shorter cdox.net for $1,652.

Leviathan Capital bought Leviathan.org for $3,000 and the same .net for $2,500.


  1. DR.DOMAIN says

    QUOTEFOLIO.COM is a cool name. They’ll be happy with that purchase down the road.Totally brandable. affordablekitchensandbaths.com on the other hand…money wasted.

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