DomainTools updates Reverse Whois, making it (potentially) cheaper

Updated functionality lets users request details on a subset of domains owned by a business or person.

DomainTools has released new reverse whois searching functionality, allowing users to hone in on exactly the records they’re looking for.

By reducing the number of domain records in a search, it can also make it cheaper.

The updated functionality allows you to add multiple ‘and’ and ‘or’ operators for the email address, registrant record, whois record, domain name, and extension. It lets you select text for each search indicator, which narrows down the results.

For example, a company investigating which domain names a person owns containing its trademark can enter the mark in the “domain name” field. If the company only cares about .com domains, it can add that as the extension.

You can also search the whois record based on a registration date. I think it would be helpful to also add a date range functionality for this same purpose.

By narrowing down the list of domains in a reverse whois report, users only have to pay for what they want. Reverse whois reports aren’t cheap. If a registrant has over 1,000 domains a report will set you back at least $499. Whittle the list down to 100 domains and the price drops to $99.

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