Sedo expands distribution partnership with Go Daddy

“Make Offer” domains now distributed to Go Daddy through SedoMLS.

Sedo announced today that it has expanded its distribution partnership with Go Daddy to include “make offer” domain names.

In January Go Daddy joined the SedoMLS network. That meant that fixed priced domains at Sedo that were opted into SedoMLS would show up in the registration path at Go Daddy customers could purchase the domains by following a link to Go Daddy Auctions.

The expanded partnership means domains listed on SedoMLS without a price will also be promoted within the registration path. Customers can complete the negotiations and purchase through their Go Daddy account.

The deal is similar to one with Afternic, which was expanded in July.

Although the ratio has been changing quickly in recent years, Sedo has always had a high number of unpriced domain names. This new deal will give significant exposure to domain names listed on SedoMLS.


  1. Rob says

    i regularly look at the sedo marketplace auctions. has anyone else noticed a significant decline in domains pushed to auction? any thoughts as to why?

  2. Ron says

    No point pushing sedo domains to auction because nobody checks that page anymore, domainers are not going to pay end user bids in auction, and end users do not monitor sedo auctions.

  3. James says

    I tried to check it out using one of my own domains. Sadly, it is not working for me with GoDaddy mobile nor the GoDaddy iphone App. Can anyone else verify this from their own experience? I did get it to link to an auction page when I tried through the full website in my mobile browser.

  4. James says

    @ Andrew – yes, for instance the domain wholio(dot)com will result on the godaddy full web browser format to an auction page with a minimum bid of $1000 (the min sedo offer price), but will come up with a goose egg when searched in godaddy mobile or the godaddy iphone app, in my experience last night. Perhaps the changes have not been fully implemented to all platforms?

    As an aside, searching a sedo “make offer” domain on godaddy seems to be a good way to discover a seller’s minimum offer price without actually making an offer. I dont recall that you could find the min offer price through sedo, right?

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