Frank Schilling to launch upgraded domain sales platform next month

Schilling says it “exceeds the best sales platforms available”.

Frank Schilling has already rocked the domain parking industry with his Internet Traffic service. Now he hopes to shake up how you sell your domain names.

In a blog post titled “Lobster“, Schilling explains the current state of domain name investing business as he sees it. Shilling views domain sales as a key part of a balanced approach to making money in the domain name business.

Although he doesn’t give away many details about the new Domain Name Sales platform, here’s how he describes it:

So what if I told you that your friends at have been building a system over the past 9 months that doesn’t just rival, but exceeds the best sales platforms available to sell on the secondary market today. What if that platform completely decentralized the industry and allowed anyone to act as a broker and sell anyone else’s names. You could use all the same individuals and companies you’re using now, and they could continue to be paid for their deals just as they are now, but they would do that on a better platform which provides the name owner more transparency and control. What if that platform increased the volume of sincere inquiries and sales, without making it feel like hard work?

I imagine a world like iTunes, where any individual or organization can join and profit. A Universe where the walled gardens of existing marketplaces are distilled down to just domain names and the people in this industry who make things happen. I imagine a World where you control the leads, get market information on the buyer (live), select brokers, control the transaction and have discretion surrounding which escrow you will use to handle the money. I imagine a world where you can empower multiple brokers from different domain sales platforms to work for you – and all the better if that service is free.

Schilling gives away a few more clues in the comments to his post.

I’d also pay attention to a couple more observations Schilling talks about from experience:

1. The buyer talking to you about a domain name right now might be the best prospective buyer you’ll ever have.

2. Adding a “for sale” banner to your domains doesn’t really affect the CTR on your pay-per-click links.

It will be exciting to see what he unveils next month.


  1. says

    We don’t qualify for the Internet Traffic service, will we still be able to use the DNS platform?

    I’ve tried applying earlier, but wasn’t approved. Am currently using

    Now the ‘contact us’ form on Internet Traffic won’t submit so don’t know how to go about it.

  2. RK says

    Frank is going to revolutionize domaining related activities such as monetization, sales, etc.

    I think he is doing a wonderful job and helping us all.

    I already use his IT/DNS platform.

    I am excited to see what he is unfolding soon.

    My one wish is offering the buyer options on the sales/offers page such as:

    1. Outright sale price
    2. Lease price/option
    3. Joint venture option.
    4. Combination of lease and % equity ownership (for revenue sharing and eventual sale).

    That will be wonderful imo.

    Anyway I love what Frank has done so far. He already has the best sales platform.

  3. RK says

    @ Samit,

    Contact me using whois email on one of my domain (socialcasino dot com) and I will see if I can help you with IT/DNS account. I have helped one other friend who had some 2000 domain but wasn’t making much but Frank was generous enough to approve him. He doesn’t make much in parking but sales platform is helping him get more offers. Let me know if email how many domain you have and how much you make per month. Also add a 5 or so of your top domains. I can try but ultimately it is up to Frank.

  4. Yachim Smultzh says

    Mr schwartz is your little birdie the informant fragile factor claims to have shared a beer with a seven mile lab engineer in his paid leaked poop?

  5. Lda says

    I’ve had my parked domains with Frank’s service for over a year and I’d never go back to Sedo. I imagine his upgraded sales platform will be similarly impressive.

    However, what I would *really* like to see him do is turn his private Cayman registrar into a Godaddy killer. May take a while to achieve, but surely a logical later step for Frank?

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