Lance Armstrong’s fight against USADA reminds me a lot of the arguments against UDRP

Not enough time to respond to “kangaroo court”.

Lance Armstrong is fighting hard to not have to defend himself against the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), which he calls a “Kangaroo court”.

Armstrong wants nothing to do with the USADA process, so he’s trying to short circuit it by going to the courts. A lot of domain name owners have had it with UDRP, so they do the same thing.

His arguments sound a lot like the arguments made against the uniform domain name dispute resolution policy (UDRP) arbitration panels.

Among Armstrong’s grievances about the USDADA process:

* He doesn’t get enough time to respond to the complaint

* He may not get to cross examine witnesses/evidence

* The arbitration panel is already predisposed to find againt him

Sound familiar?

(Editor’s note: as an Austin resident, I’m barred from ever thinking that Lance Armstrong is guilty of anything other than being an inspirational bad-ass.)


  1. Tony Hill says

    He is now in a no win situation. He does not contest USADA’s findings and he is banned and loses his TDFs. He contests the ban and all the juicy bits of evidence from former collegues and the scientific findings about some of his samples& connections with Doctor Dope and co come flooding out and an independant arbitration will decide if he is guilty. Lance..its all for the future of clean athletes and fair competition.

  2. bazil says

    For seven years he dwarefed and humiliated and deprived tens of athletes better than him; can this be returned?

  3. says

    I can understand he’s had enough, it would wear most of us down the constant accusations, Lance I believe you are innocent, The USADA as Lance says do not have the authority to take away his tour wins, check French law !
    Eddy Merckx won 5 tours when doping was known to be taking place by most of the riders in all of the tours he rode in, so under that assuming rule we must accept and assume
    that Eddy Merckx was a doper and only won his 5 tours by doping, so are the USADA or the French authorities going to take Eddy Merckx 5 tour wins away ?? I bet not ??

  4. cartann says

    What else can he do? After all this years, of insane hunt?
    I know very well what a quasi-government agency with a chief that hate the sport can do.
    Let’s now ban all drug tests and start prosecution everybody that the chief dislike.
    Armstrong is a winner.

  5. harry frazier says

    lance armstrong like john mcain, is another
    example of “phony” heroes americans are loathe to admire. Remember this is the man/
    hero that americans boycotted eating french
    fries in support of his cheating when the
    french revealed that he was a cheat. john
    mcaan couldn’t protect his own axx when he was in the war, yet he is regarded as some
    foreign policy/national security expert. their examples reveal why too many people are led to believe that the world is only a
    few thousand years ols ala another idiot, sarah palin

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