A few tips to ICANN’s new CEO

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.


On Friday, ICANN will announce you as its new Chief Executive Officer.

This is a pretty good gig. You’ll earn about a million bucks a year, which isn’t bad for a non-profit CEO. (That’s what the outgoing CEO earned. I assume you negotiated well.) But you have your work cut out for you. The past, I don’t know, entirety of ICANN hasn’t exactly been rosy for the CEO.

Now, before Friday comes around I have a suggestion for you.

You see, the last CEO had an embarrassing online record when his name became public. The whois information for his own domain name was full of bogus information, suggesting it was registered to “private” with an address of “private” and a bogus email address.

Needless to say this was quite embarrassing. It can also make it harder to argue in later years that whois really needs to be cleaned up.

I should qualify this advice — you do have your own name as a domain name, right?


  1. jeff says

    What exactly does the ICANN CEO do to earn his million bucks? :)

    seems like there are so many study groups underneath him that cut most of the work out for him..

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