Here’s how much each TLD generates for ICANN

A look at registry fees and transaction fees.

ICANN’s contracts with registry operators for existing top level domains represent a hodgepodge of one off arrangements.

In its recently released draft budget, ICANN included a table showing how it forecasts its revenue from each of these contracts for FY 2013.

Seeing the data side-by-side is very intriguing. It’s also interesting when you add in how much ICANN collects in transaction fees from registrants/registrars for each domain transaction. I’ve added that to the calculations in the table below:

TLD prices

One thing that pops out is the sweet deal VeriSign gets for the .com registry. It currently pays a flat $18 million a year for the .com contract, which comes out to about 15 cents per domain. Since registrants pay an 18 cent per domain fee, that means ICANN collects more from its “domain tax” on .com than from the registry.

Compare this to the .net contract with VeriSign. It has a set 75 cents per domain fee. So VeriSign is paying five times as much per .net domain than it is .com domain. (And yet .com domains cost more.)


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