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  • I sold and for a package price of $750, five months ago. Eventually, the 3d will be dropped for brevity’s sake, and we’ll see “shoe printers”, “jewelry printers”, etc.

    I’d say the two big game-changers, economically speaking, over the next thirty years will 3d printing and crowdfunding. Our economy might actually start growing again!

  • Smell the Glove says:

    April 24, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    3D and 3D Printing might be the next big thing, but that does not mean that translates into domain investing in any significant way.

    You can’t just tack on 3D to everything and expect to make a killing. That has been a folly of many domain investors since the 90’s.

    I remember one guy adding “Pedia” to the end of every word in the dictionary since Wikipedia was all the rage at one point. I watched probably 30,000 “Pedia” domains drop at GoDaddy over the course of six months in about 2005……LOL.

    Poor guy! Pun intended.

  • In the future you will be able to “print” your own drugs rather than going to a pharmacy.

  • The 3d Printing – is AMAZING…
    I’ve seen it on several TV Shows the past
    60 days or so…

    3d — for whatever reason is one of the
    biggest donations responder base I have
    on DG – they each month more than triple
    the PayPal donation Thank You’s as opposed
    to all the other categories and keywords
    I post search results for on domains
    available for Reg. Fee…

    I personally have less than 10 3d related
    domains… I’m not actively adding any…
    just came by some I had to snag…

    But those 3d Printers… They are amazing
    the most interesting demo I saw was
    creating a miniature replica doll…
    sort of like a bobble head but no wigglin…
    and scaled to human but mini-miniature…
    so cute… I’m SOLD on that…

    ~Patricia Kaehler – DomainBELL

  • Soothsayers of domain name values with an axe to grind for missing the boat. Hmmm..
    Imagine that, cut-throat, nasty, malicious expert domains deficating on other domainers.

    Taking pride and joy in the failures of others. … nice

    I would like to be a fly on the wall of the domain portfolio of the .cc 3dprint domain salesperson. I would bet that every product short of shit is coupled with printing, printer. In that case the one posting here taking joy in the “pedia players” misery will have a good laugh.

    Everyone’s an expert and from my experience each domainer is nastier and more mean-spirited than the last.

    Here’s to the geniuses..

    here here!


    Robert McLean

  • sometimes when i walk outside it looks like everything is already in 3D… but that’s just me.

  • C. Hayworth


    C. Hayworth

    What do you want to bet the .cc 3dprinter saleperson is C. Hayworth.


  • i have a nice array of 3d related domain names, especially in 3d Printing.

    I also have, as well as

    I am projecting that this name ( will eventually be a top five, top ten .us domain sale in .us history.

    And for those hearing about 3d Printing for the first time, this is also referred to as ‘3DP’ in the industry.

    also as ‘Rapid Prototyping’

  • @robert mclean,

    Those were the only two “3d” domains I had, and I picked them up for reg fee one year prior to the sale (nice ROI).

    I only hand reg domains, never buy in the aftermarket – here are a few from the past two years, flame away:

    beachmarket dot com
    5d dot tv
    gavinspointdam dot com
    siouxcity dot co
    hyperfunding dot com
    silly dot tv
    together dot tv
    darkcastle dot com
    jewelryprinter dot com
    sandcastle dot co
    vsn dot tv

    There, now you can be a fly on my wall.

  • @robert,

    Yes, as I said, I sold those two .cc domains. You are quite the investigator, knowing how to use whois and all – perhaps you should have more closely read my initial post.

  • Hey C. Hayworth, fly this. whois, C. (the liar) Hayworth.

    tisk tisk tisk

    petty lying … tisk tisk

    good luck Hayworth

  • What did I lie about?

  • Look at these 3D printing names on Snapnames:


  • Ever heard about ? its huge Dutch start up for 3D printing marketplace.

    Hopefully i have something with which i secured in the past

  • Who’s behind —

    AA — What’s This — Additive Manufacturing

    Additive ?? How so…

    ~Patricia – DomainBELL

  • @Patricia
    Shapeways came from Philips Lifestyle incubator. But acting like a Start up when they moved their head office to New York.

  • thanks for the info industry friends…
    ~Patricia – DomainBELL

  • Philip Howell says:

    June 12, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    I own and I’m looking to sale it. If interested let me know.

  • I snapped up 130 domains this morning – i truly think this technology will be a game changer, and anyone who gets into the domain space early will be a big winner. Some of the better ones include:
    and many more…

    I wouldn’t mind getting the groups opinion as to when they believe they will become valuable? Research suggests it may become mainstream (at least readily accessible in homes) in as little as 3 years.

    All the best,


    • Stephen,
      The question is not when they will become valuable but who or how many will they be valuable to ? That will answer the when and how much.

      I expect a bunch of activity when some of the 3d laser sinter printer patents expire next year (2014). Then and almost immediately, manufactures will be making those type of 3d sinter printers available and is a cost/quality game changer for small/mid-sized fabricators.

      I changed my strategy this year and now buying the following keywords combinations because of 3d scanning with 3d printing makes a complete 3d replicator (almost like star trek).


      It is my humble opinion that all the prime 3d/PRINTxxx names that I could make money on have already been purchased by domain investors (not that I don’t have any) at the same time the ground rules for the names/tech will be changing.

      This leaves a limited market for the demand for those longtail names and thus the price for them in the short term.
      The land rush for this emerging tech has been done. Now it takes a end user demand for the products/services for the value of a name to increase. Like the stock market, it is speculative.

      If you develop sites any, you might be able to do well with some of the names you have if you can be/get early to the market with a online service and make a name for yourself. may have sold for some 25k or so but I think the hand register purchase of properly developed could make far more money than that and more than you might ever make with the name itself. It only needs a simple classifieds layout. I understand, not all of us develop. But I bet there is a person in your town who can…. can you see a partnership?

      Everyone has their own strategy and I hope you have one of your own. I do not buy generically.
      1st – can I make this into something of value
      I buy with the idea of what exactly is it and who will need this / who can want this ? and how long before they do?
      I keep a 5 year outlook.

      At the same time this 3D Print/Scan/Replicator Tech takes off, 3D Virtual Reality ( 3DVR ) and 3D Augmented Reality (3DAR) will be the BUZZ Words because of ground breaking product developments in 2014. Both tech’s have “3D” in common.
      I kinda imagine, I will get tired of hearing about 3Danything by then.

  • 3dprinters .net is on auction at godaddy, is this a chance to take it?

  • 3D domain sales have been steady also now in 2014 and has opened the door for 4D domains, so we decided to get into a few decent dot coms domains early, all are for sale of course: (3DParts . com sold for $40k recently)

    3d and 4d tech keywords crosses over into each niche very well too.

    AA maybe you can do an article on 4D tech for 2014?

  • Patrick Cowan says:

    March 15, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    I am one of those investors that snapped up a lot of those good keyword generic 3d printer dot coms also rapid prototyping, materials, supplies, services, ect,here’s to a bright 3d printed future.

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