Sunday evening domain reading

A ridiculous lawsuit, company naming, ICANN, and more.

I was going to write an entire snarky post about this lawsuit (pdf) against GoDaddy. It’s alternately hilarious and, and the end of the day, sad. Basically this former employee sued with a bunch of off-the-wall allegations, such as suffering anxiety and mental anguish because he didn’t know which company employees had stock options in the company. He even said the company promotes violence. His proof: some joker pulled a chair out from under a supervisor as he was sitting down. The plaintiff wants $10 million +. Sigh.

Lego never ceases to amaze me with the volume (and targets) of UDRP filings it makes.

A smart quip from ICA’s Philip Corwin in response to my joke that ICANN should have just had new TLD applicants Fedex their applications.

As I’ve mentioned before, I think ICANN’s technical problems with TAS will result in questions about its ability to execute “digital archery”.

I wonder if NameCheap overtaking GoDaddy on Google for “domain name” has anything to do with all of NameCheap’s +1s on Google.

An in-depth explanation of why you need to name your startup smartly (and choose your domain accordingly) over at The Next Web. Written by a domainer, but good exposure for the domain industry.


  1. Head Count says

    Digital Archery = Pin the tail on the donkey!

    Thanks ICANN for showing the world what domain investors have always known and had to put up with.

    They should hire some experienced German exectutives to come in and kick some butt and make them run laps every morning at the very least. ICANN is so backwards.

  2. JP says

    The digital archery is a neat idea but ICANN is not capable of executing properly. I think they need to put more money into their technology budget and less into their galavantig budget.

    Doesn’t matter anyway. They could lose the applicant’s money and the applicants would still pay again.

  3. mike says

    Interesting that you choose to put this up while showing godaddy ads on your site. You are obviously a godaddy homer. While the lawsuit is frivolous, it does provide some insight into the screw the customer culture at godaddy. Among other things, saying the hosting sucks and is down or slow much of the time, and when angry customers call, they try to upsell, whether it’s godaddys fault or not. I am sure many godaddy customers are familiar with this tactic. If you were routed all the shitty calls from customers calling to complain about the elephant killing or the sexist ads or the crappy hosting or the SOPA support, and then being written up for not meeting your sales (upselling) goals, you would probably be pissed as well.

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