Perhaps ICANN should have accepted new TLD applications via FedEx

Another delay in reopening TAS.

Last night ICANN provided an update on when it plans to reopen TAS, the tool that new top level domain name applicants use to submit applications.

The update basically says it will be another week before there’s an update.

This is certainly turning ugly for ICANN. In the grand scheme of things a couple week delay is nothing. After all, many new TLD applicants thought they were going to be able to apply a couple years ago. (Kind of like the house I’m building right now. I thought we’d be done by now; instead we have yet to break ground. So when I hear about another week delay on the house I just shrug it off.)

But I suspect there will be other delays in the process.

Given the headaches, it’s clear that this process may have been faster the old fashioned way: applicants using Fedex to submit their applications.


  1. JP says

    I think it would have been more fun if they did it like the movie Rat Race and make the applicants really work for it.

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