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  • outage leaves domain bloggers in a lurch

    1. BY - Apr 13, 2012
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    Key source of traffic to many domain blogs has gone dark.

    People take good things for granted until that good thing goes away.

    Such is the case with, which has been down for over a day.

    First, my condolences to Francois (who runs the site). Having a site outage sucks. No other word for it.

    I get a relatively small percentage of my traffic from But I still noticed a difference in traffic yesterday. I missed the traffic, and I missed

    I imagine the site problems are even harder on some bloggers who count on for the bulk of their traffic. In fact, I suspect the volume of blogging from some of these people has dropped significantly over the past 24 hours because of the site being down.

    I just heard from Francois and he says he hopes to have the site back up “in the next hours”. Let’s hope so.


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