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Domain Name Wire

  • Hopefully there is no additional charge for these transliterations.. If there is then that is messed up.

  • There most definitely will be. Verisign aren’t a charity you know.

  • Current registrant of Пример.com will have to pay if they want to use Пример.ком

    Chuck Gomes (Vice President of Policy and Compliance for VeriSign): The process planned by VeriSign does not involve aliasing although the result might look like aliasing. Under the approach we are planning, if you are the registrant of, no one else could register; you could activate the registration of if you wanted to. That would apply to any IDN versions of .com that we offer. Similarly, if you were the registrant of, then no one else could register but you could activate the registration it if you wanted to.

  • We’ve been “beta testing” for years as ICANN’s official guinea pigs.. You’d think they’d do us a favor ;P

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