So long, shut down by U.S. government, arrests made.

The Feds have shut down online file sharing site and charged seven people with online piracy in connection with the site. The web site, along with associated sites,, and, are no longer resolving.

According to the recently unsealed indictment, the site generated $150 million in subscription fees and $25 million from advertising.

TorrentFreak reported in 2010 that MegaUpload was in the Fed’s crosshairs, but its domain name was not seized like with other sites were at the time. The site reported:

Another site in the cross hairs appears to be MegaUpload. Although a domain seizure was suggested, it now seems that another route has been taken, at least for now.

I think we know what the route is, now.

MegaUpload long contended it was a legitimate business with only a small set of users using the site for illegal activity.

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