Ray Ozzie is $33,000 Cocomo.com buyer

Mystery domain buyer is creator of Lotus Notes.

I’ve been trying to figure out who bought Cocomo.com ever since Sedo brokered it back in October for $33,000.

It appears we now have the answer.

Lotus Notes creator and former Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie is working on a new startup called…Cocomo.

And he’s finally put a little something up on Cocomo.com.

It’s been hard to track down who was behind the domain name because of an originally false whois record entered for it. After the domain sold the whois record showed the registrant as MegaCorp based in Anywhere, Illinois:

It was changed after I called out Corporation Service Company (CSC) for not enforcing whois accuracy. But the new record just showed CSC as the owner, which is how the whois record remains today.

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