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  • Verisign is a highly strategic operator. I’d bet this was their plan from the start. Under pressure from law enforcement, the GAC, and intellectual property interests, they float a plan that proposes 100% of what those entities want and let the community push back. Now they have tons of material to point to on why its a bad idea. It’s far too impractical to boycott Verisign so the financial consequences for them are virtually nil.

  • PIR and Afilias (.org and .info) have anti-abuse policies too that are equally bad, if not worse, if one reads the precise wording. They should learn from the public uproar over this issue, and withdraw their already-approved policies.

  • It will be back, but in a new incarnation at a later date.

  • Various surveys estimated that 20% plus of websites, corporate included have some malware on them. What is the legal liability if major corporation websites are suddenly off the air due to Verisign taking down their domain?

    How many lawsuits would be filed against Verisign? It’s easy to see Verisign being tied up in various courts with lawsuits.
    Maybe a corporation would not win a lawsuit, but juries are funny so sue Verisign anyway.

  • VeriSign operates the .gov TLD. Perhaps they can implement their takedown proposal against those sites, and see what happens when they wrongly suspend a critical domain:

    The websites of the CIA, FBI, Senate, etc. have all been hacked before. Try suspending their domains, for a quick lesson in humility.

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