Etsy Upset About “Sucks” Domains

Company files complaint over and four other domains.

[Update: Etsy won the case.] Arts marketplace has filed a complaint with National Arbitration Forum over, .net, .org, .biz, and .info.

The domain names appear to be owned by the former editor of the now defunct “Unofficial Etsy News Blog”.

Etsy has received its fair share of criticism from current and former users, so it’s no surprise that these domain names exist.

Freedom of speech? It’s true that someone could register and write about their dissatisfaction with the site. But the domain names are merely parked, which isn’t good proof that they were registered in good faith.

Unless there’s something non-obvious here, you can expect the arbitration panel to award Etsy the domain names.


  1. says

    Couldn’t she start a “mock” blog and start writing about her bad experience now and keep it?

    Wondering what your thoughts are on this. Possible? Likely then? or just to late?

  2. melly says

    The best part is Etsy’s CEO is now trying to rally support from Etsy sellers to back his efforts to have a bill stopped that would make venues (Etsy)legally responsible for all the copyright infringement that takes place on their site.

    He claims he’s doing it in the name of internet freedom.

  3. says

    “Unless there‚Äôs something non-obvious here, you can expect the arbitration panel to award Etsy the domain names.”

    Oh that’s rich! Etsy isn’t happy muting and booting it’s former customers, rather than deal with issues and ANSWERING it’s own customers many grievances, now it has to go after those who are angry enough to register etsy sucks?????

    And they will be granted the domain names?

    Let me get this straight.
    Anyone who does a whois search for those names then, would show the owner of etsy sucks being etsy?


    hey etsy, I have a page on my site called etsy sucks. Even though your boot print is finally fading from my back side, that page still gets quite a bit of traffic from google searches “etsy sucks.”
    (It’s how I found this page.)
    If you want to own it, I’ll sell it to you. Then I’ll create a new one. Etsy blows. Followed by etsy is full of crap. etsy cheats, etsy lies, etc etc etc…. My story WILL be told. As will many many others who have been treated like dirt.

    How about fixing your many assorted problems. Instead of sweeping them under the rug.

  4. mariem says

    These are very bad nasty people. They would sell their souls to the devil for money.

    They mess with people’s livelihoods constantly causing financial hardship for many. They will step on you and destroy you in a blink of an eye with no remorse.

    What goes around comes around. Watch out for that karma Etsy, it’s comin’ to getcha! Hahahaha!

  5. Corey Wright says

    “Etsy”–an Italian word for Chinese junk bought at The Dollar Store and then sprinkled with glitter or decoupaged with cheap wrapping paper and then resold at a 2300% markup to morons who think they are buying a “handmade” item or, even more laughable, art.

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