Breaking: NBC Transfers to Done! Ventures in Lawsuit Settlement

Busted seven figure domain name deal comes to resolution.

It looks like the end result of a legal battle over has ended with the transfer of the domain name to Done! Ventures.

Done! Ventures thought it had a deal to purchase and from NBC Universal for $1 million last year. But then NBC allegedly backed out when its then President & CEO Jeff Zucker apparently vetoed the deal.

Done sued NBC to get it to go through with the sale. It later sued domain name broker Sedo for $10 million for allegedly failing to enforce the deal.

Right as depositions in the lawsuit were to begin, the two parties struck a settlement.

Although the terms of the settlement haven’t been released, the domain names just transferred to Done! Ventures’ founder Benjamin Padnos today.

NBC acquired the domain names when it bought


  1. says

    funny how companies seem to think they can do whatever they want.

    Now that lawyers have become cheaper more people will be telling them to stick it.

    But they found a better way. Just go steal the taxpayers money.

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