Instra Joins New TLD Services Field, Adds Competition to .Brand Services

New TLD consultant won’t charge application consulting fees to .brand owners that use its other services.

Instra is the latest company to court potential new top level domain name applicants with a services and registry suite.

The company, which owns a domain name registrar that caters to brand holders, is putting continued price pressure on services offered to .brand applicants. Instra will offer free application consulting to .brand applicants that manage their domain portfolios at the registrar.

Instra discloses detailed pricing for its new TLD services at the company’s site. There are some caveats with the pricing, which isn’t surprising given the complexity of individual applications.

Domain name registry Neustar turned heads in June when it announced $10,000 annual registry fees to .brand applicants that don’t plan to actively use their TLDs.

Given the lucrative business of managing brand holders’ domain assets, I expect fierce competition for these services.


  1. Mark says

    I would stay away from Instra as far as possible. These guys never respond to customer requests and prices are unbelievable. It seems they are waiting for another bunch of suckers they can take advantage from.

  2. says

    There’s a major disconnect somewhere in here

    Several companies in the domain industry are claiming lots of interest from hundreds of brands…

    However 5 of the largest advertising groups who probably represent at least 90% of the brands in the world have all written letters in the last few days to ICANN saying none of their members can see benefits and they are not interested new gTLDs and they want the program stopped.

  3. VAG says

    Well, I am guessing that many brand owners talk to multiple providers. So if you have 10 providers talking to 10 potential applicants, this may sound like 100 applications already, if all providers confirm the number of brands they are talking to…

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