Jeff Kupietzky To Leave Next Month

CEO and president to leave one of domain name industry’s biggest companies. CEO Jeff Kupietzky will depart the company at the end of the August, the company has announced. He will be moving his family to Israel.

Kupietzky has been with the company for five years, with the last 2 1/2 years as CEO and President.

Going forward, day-to-day operations will be handled by Co-Presidents Debra Domeyer and Scott Morrow.

Kupietzky has had to manage a number of tough changes to the domain name business in recent years as well as company scandals (e.g. SnapNames insider bidding scandal).

Although the company has had its share of both good and bad press, Kupietzky did a lot of good for the industry. He represented the industry to the media with professionalism, often scoring key mass media interviews.

The announcement comes about a month after three top executives left the company.


  1. me says

    Dunno about smart:

    Snap names loses bid to namejet. Millions lost.
    Moniker loses talisman and reputation. Millions lost.
    Domain Sponsor loses credibility industry wide. Millions lost.

    seems to me all the truly brilliant MBA’s that come to the industry fail because the internet doesn’t care about degrees, reputation or who-you-know, it based on talent, intelligence and hard work.

    • says

      @ me – agree that Snap and Moniker were bad acquisitions. Snap b/c due diligence didn’t uncover Halvarez and someone didn’t think the change of control provision was a big deal. Moniker because they bought at the peak.

      Haven’t heard anything about DomainSponsor losing credibility, though.

  2. Mike McNair says

    Would you hire an MBA to run an auto auction?

    No, You’d hire someone who owned cars and knows about cars.

    Ng just got lucky.

    In the end they’ll just be monetizing their TM portfolio under someone else’s feed.

  3. says

    Dom Spon owed me $ and stopped responding to my requests requesting payment. No explanation. Granted, it was less than the minimum payout, but I wanted to close my account when revenue went to zero….Craig

  4. stewart says

    M.M.-I have worked on cars, heck I have even worked at an auto auction where we went from aprox 350 units a week to some 1200 (give or take) when I along with my chohorts streamlined operations and ran the enterprise in such a way as to increase production by paying incentives to valued employees that the customers saw as profit for them too, and, never, week in and week out, did anyone ever concoct a skimming scheme like snapnames did,I sued these guys for the Halvarez scandal for the cheap little pick pocket Nelson Brady is and won.
    And to date Oversee refuses to pay up what the has court ordered them to pay to put the issue to rest, but noooooooooo.

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