Surveying the Domain Parking CPA Landscape

There are a number of options for CPA on parked pages, but we’re still trying to figure out what works best.

Last week, which had been in beta for a while, opened its doors. The sample sites I’ve seen on its parking platform primarily use CPA offers to monetize traffic.

But my headline for the launch — “New Service Brings CPA To Domain Parking” — may have suggested that this was the first attempt to bring CPA to domain parking.

This isn’t the case, although they’re certainly doing it in a different way.

A number of parking companies do CPA in the background, but some of them do it prominently. For example, TrafficZ has been running CPA ads directly on certain parked pages for a couple months. Octane360’s landing pages include multiple monetization options including cost-per-lead, a form of CPA. SmartName has a number of shopping template options, although they pay out on PPC. But they also have modules that let you insert your own ads. Ditto for WhyPark and Epik.

The challenge of CPA on parked pages is scaling. It’s easy to find PPC ads to match a domain name but finding CPA offers is more difficult to automate. is running offers with a goal — such as getting an email address — and finding a way to make them seem targeted. This is one way to solve the scaling problem, and it will be interesting to see what happens.

We’ve seen quite a bit of innovation in the parking space over the past year or two. As with all innovation, some of it works and some doesn’t. It takes trial and error to figure out what really works. And what works today might not work tomorrow.


  1. Harry Flowers says

    From what I have seen it appears they charge the survey taker’s cell phone bill $9.95 a month for the gift cards you get for completing the survey.

    If you click through and read the TOS on the bottom of every page, each of which is a different TOS from different companies, from what I can tell, you’ll eventually find the charges language.

    It started off paying well for me but has collapsed as time went on.

    I’ll probably be pulling my domains from this as they make more in other affiliate programs I was using previously.

    • says

      @ Harry – that sounds like the user is sent through a co-registration path while they wait for their results from the survey. Each co-registration offer will have a different TOS.

  2. 3 Pound Hammer says

    Oh….maybe that’s it then. Thanks for the clarification Andrew. I did not understand that.

  3. Arnoud says

    I have seen a domain parking survey when you go to the domain it said: You won this price!

    Does anybody know where I can sign up for that?

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