Web Site Sells for $440,000

Auto insurance web site and domain name sells for $440,000.

360 Quote LLC has purchased (the domain name and web site) for $440,000.

360 Quote LLC is run by Joel Ohman, who also runs the DomainSuperstar site. The company has a number of lead generation web sites.

The deal was brokered by Media Options‘ Andrew Rosener. has an interesting traffic history according to Unique visitors in recent months have been below 10,000, but for many months before that the site received 10,000s of uniques each month. In one month Compete shows 250,000 uniques, but that’s clearly an anomaly.

The site is fairly bare bones right now, so I’ll be really curious to see where it goes and where the value is.

[Update: I just got off the phone with Joel, and he said he primarily valued the purchase on the domain. His company has a lot of experience with insurance web sites, and he’s confident he can build traffic to the site and make a good return.]

The domain’s whois currently shows Domain Capital, indicating this purchase was financed.


  1. RKB says

    Joel knows how to make money with insurance domains. We sold 27 insurance domains to them via afternic some 20 months ago.

    Good luck to them.

  2. says

    Congrats to Joel and team on the purchase! It’s a great name and they will make a lot of money on it.

    Man – you guys could have at least given us a link from “Media Options” in the story! LOL…

  3. jim says

    “@ CrossBones – In the future, I don’t like any of my transactions being posted publicly. Even without price – I don’t even want anyone knowing the domain sold.”


  4. Theo says

    Insurance sites are going to continue to grow in value over the long term. I’ve heard of a lot of other private sales recently, like (high six figures) and (mid seven figures) but obviously haven’t seen verification of those prices. I doubt they will be published.

  5. says

    Theo –

    I ( brokered both of those deals as well ( &

    But I would like to know who gave you that information about the pricing since those deals were under an NDA ???


  6. says

    @Joe “.org almost completely lost his original nonprofit connotation, and I don’t like this at all.”

    *looks at your link* You mean like .co has lost its original Colombia connotation?

    You’re right though – these days, .org connotes trust, authority, resource/information and help just as much as it does non-profit/charity. I don’t think that’s an entirely bad thing.

    Congrats on the sale Andrew!

  7. says

    @Steve Jones

    I wouldn’t want to start a debate on .CO since it’s been already debated to death. I just mean that .ORG was conceived and, until a while ago, used for nonprofit purposes only. Now it seems things have changed.
    .CO, despite technically being a ccTLD, has never been marketed or used like that so, to the general public, it has always had only one connotation (which isn’t that of the ccTLD for Colombia).

  8. says

    Nice sale. I agree on the insurance domains, they will only grow in the value. On a related note, Warren Buffet is buying a big insurance company in India.

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