Domain Roundtable Bahamas Q & A

What you need to know about this year’s Domain Roundtable Conference.

After taking a year off in 2010, Domain Roundtable is back this March. And it’s back in style, traveling to The Atlantis in the Bahamas. I checked in with the Domain Roundtable (DRT) to get the scoop.

DNW: Your last Domain Roundtable was in Washington, DC in 2009. Why did Domain Roundtable take a year off in 2010?

DRT: We don’t feel compelled to have a show every year; we prefer to host a show when there is information we need to share with the industry. The domain industry was saturated with shows in 2010, so DRT decided to take a year off to fully prepare to host an amazing conference in 2011. This gave us time to design a very detailed and thorough event in an exciting location!

DNW: This may be the most exotic location of any mainstream domain conference to date. Why the Bahamas and why The Atlantis?

DRT: We chose the Bahamas because it’s the perfect backdrop for networking and building relationships. We also wanted to raise the bar and separate ourselves from other conferences. We ultimately wanted to give our attendees something unexpected! The Atlantis Resort was chosen because it has something for everyone. In addition to the informative sessions, attendees can choose from activities such as waterslides, lounging by the pool, boutique shopping and the largest casino in the Caribbean. More specifically, our conference will be housed in the Cove, which is an upscale luxury tower at the Atlantis resort and will be a memorable experience for all!

DNW: It might be difficult for some people to convince their boss that this is a business trip. What sort of education programming should we expect?

DRT: Although we are in a tropical location, business will be conducted. We just posted the session topics on the website and they include the following:

-Tactics for Successful Branding
-Navigating the Domain Marketplace
-Domain Development in a Day
-Leveraging Social Media – Turning Traffic Into Revenue

In addition, we will allow for ample networking opportunities along with some surprise panels and speakers!

DNW: Are there any passport requirements for the Bahamas?

DRT: Yes, you must have a valid Passport to enter the Bahamas. For more information on how to get a US passport, go to For information on Bahamas Visa Entry Requirements go to


  1. Carron says

    Thanks! We’re excited about the show. Laura and the team are working hard to make this year’s show memorable.

  2. Carron says

    Domain Roundtable typically has around 200 of the best and brightest minds in the domain sector. We hope to see you there Brad. If you sign up right now we’re offering a free afternoon activity at the resort.

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