Bank of America Wants You to Know Its Executives Don’t Suck

Company defensively registers hundreds of domain names for its senior executives and board members.

As Bank of American awaits a possible release of information from WikiLeaks, it wants to ensure that you don’t think its executives suck. Or blow for that matter.

The company has been aggressively registering domain names including its Board of Directors’ and senior executives’ names followed by “sucks” and “blows”.

For example, the company registered a number of domains for CEO Brian Moynihan:,,, and Just to be sure, it also picked up the .net version of these names and some .orgs as well.

I count hundreds of such domain name registrations on December 17 alone. They were registered through an intermediary that frequently registers domain names on behalf of large companies.

Some of the other names are for CFO Charles Noski, Chairman of the Board Charles Holliday, and board member Charles Rossotti (who is also Senior Advisor, The Carlyle Group).

I’m not sure if this strategy will work. You can always go register


  1. Mike says

    “Bank of America Wants You to Know Its Executives Don’t Suck”

    Guess that is where the BILLIONS in our tax BAILOUT went… Good to see they have that cash on hand to buy domains but THE WONT LOAN MONEY TO PEOPLE AND WHINE THAT THEY HAVE NO CASH TO DO SO… dipwods is what they are.

    They can do everything they want to but in the end, their executives DO suck. They outsource US jobs to other nations. Through this economic cancer called outsourcing they have played a tremendous role in the collapse of the U.S. economy. True, they’re not alone – many other U.S. corporations take part in this outsourcing shame too.

    Outsourcing not only increases the jobless rate, which is TRULY sitting near 20%, it also decreases local, city, state and nation tax revenues.

    By laying off U.S. workers, they have greatly contributed to our cities not getting enough funding for police and fire and schools and roads and other services that we come to enjoy.

    So, instead of the U.S. remaining a superpower, we instead see 3rd world nations enjoying more and more of the services that we used to enjoy, while we slowly but steadily fall apart from the inside out – as the cancer of outsourcing our jobs and manufacturing to other nations destroys us.

  2. Louise says

    @ Mike, that’s an interesting point. May I share what the real problem is? Business registrations in Nevada, Wyoming, and Delaware, which offer businesses favorable conditions and the least taxes – as in the case of Nevada, no taxes – are splitting the US into two: people who stick the bill on struggling Americans while hiding their assets and paying the least taxes, and working Americans who have their regular taxes taken out of their checks!

    There should be inventory made of how much in profits gets channeled to sham boards who in turn channel the profits out of the US, so they are protected in the event of lawsuit!

  3. Greg says

    Louise and Mike,

    That mentality is why America is losing. How about reasonable tax law in every state AND federally so we don’t have to keep outsourcing jobs. The problem starts in DC – not in board rooms who are just trying to stay competitive with other companies.

  4. says

    With regard to tax law and other governmental matters, public policy is dictated by special interests with deep pockets. Unless it benefits the special interests, don’t expect to see any major changes any time soon.

    With regard to outsourcing, we have to compete in a global economy. The problem for the United States is that we are competing on an unlevel playing field with the world’s emerging superpower, China. And unfortunately for U.S. Foreign Policy we negotiate with the Chinese from a position of weakness, due to the fact that they own so much of our debt.

    (Andrew if the attempt to link above fails, please edit the comment.)

    Aside from that, the Chinese government continues to implement policies with regard to education that will continue to support the country’s competitive position going forward. Meanwhile the United States continues to fall behind the rest of the world in standardized test scores.

    Lots of things to be fixed.

  5. fail says

    Epic fail…just gonna register then reallyreallysucks. Adding content to any of the above will provide anyone with a beef the appropriate platform from which to broadcast their complaint

  6. Mike says

    @Tony: “we have to compete in a global economy”….. that is the most over-used coolaid line going. What “global” economy? This planet has been a GLOBAL economy since the days of the spice trade and even further back than that. No internet, no huge cargo tanker ships, no UPS delivery trucks… Just good old GLOBAL trade.

    The problem, is, this “need” to compete with “them”. In outsourcing jobs (lets use customer service or computer programmers for example), who EXACTLY are we competing with? The 3rd world nations that wouldnt have what they have today if we didnt GIVE THEM WORK AND PAY THEM? India? China? Or is it some guys in a hut in the middle of Africa that we’re trying to compete with and right now they’ve got the market share so we need to cut costs?

    Come on. There is absolutely NO REASON to outsource work other than its “the thing to do” and “it fattens the CEO’s wallet” and it fattens no one elses wallet by the way..

    Please – before using stupid cliche’s which hold no water whatsoever, think! Think about how stupid it sounds. “we have to compete in a global economy”…

    If people who spouted out that drivel truly knew what it meant AND meant it, they’d be wondering what, precisely, we’re competing with. The very products that are no longer made here??? Outsourcing is a cancer.

  7. says


    It’s not some overused cliche. It’s the truth and as you yourself state, it’s always been that way. We have to compete in a global economy. You don’t the way I said it, tough.

    In the 20th century it was the United States that ate everybody’s lunch. That’s no longer the case.

    With regard to outsourcing, it’s a business decision. If I can employ college educated workers in India to do the same customer service work that I’d have to pay 3 times more to have done in West Virginia, then I’m going to outsource that work to India. gain, you don’t like it, tough.

    This country still produces many products and services that are in great demand worldwide, including China. We can compete, but the playing field needs to be leveled and that was the bigger point I was making.

    As far as outsourcing, if somebody can do it better, faster or cheaper, that’s where the money is going to flow…. GLOBALLY.

    You had some pretty nasty things to say about me and how I “sounded” in my comment.

    I won’t respond in kind, but I will apologize to Andrew for the comments straying so far off-topic. Yours is one of the few sites I enjoy reading the comments on as much as the posts.


  8. Corporate Retards says

    That’s dumb. Any registration site will just suggest “” or “”

  9. The CAT says

    A lesson to be learned here is that all these Ivy-league schools are obviously overrated and seem to be good at producing shills and thieves. Second, did anyone see the peaceful demonstration in England when Prince Charles’ limo got paint dumped on it.

    This is only the beginning, eventually these executives will have to hire armed guards to follow them into the bathroom at home and their safety will be a huge issue and can they trust that their own security won’t turn their guns on them anyway for a better profit. I smell a French Revolution-style event occuring in the near future and one of these CEO’s or Politicians are going to be either kidnapped for ransom or murdered. I guess you reap what you sow………

  10. Corporate Retards says

    @ Tony Cocring
    Millions of high-paying American jobs have been lost to outsourcing. You can’t take that much money out of an economy and expect it to survive — or adapt (gracefully.) If you want Atlanta to become like Bombay, then fine…

    But you too will also be outsourced in that case, as a businessman presumably. You will also become obsolete in the new “Global Economy” — as American and Western Corporate Benedict Arnolds who sell out their countrymen to Asia, will be replaced — by cheaper Asian CEOs.

    What goes around, shall indeed bite your arrogant …

    Why buy products from HP and Apple, when you can purchase better products directly from Chinese suppliers that deal directly with the Chinese factories?? –thus by-passing the Meg-Whitman/Carly Fiorinno, 100-million-dollar-per-year, out-sourcing CEO middle-men.

    Greed is killing America, and will soon kill its CEOs.

  11. says

    That is pathetic and I am not surprised at all given how BofA operates these days. I have been with them for 12 years and they are just way to big to function effectively. This is hysterical by the way, thanks for posting.

  12. BofASurvivor says

    OMG!!!! This is so funnnnny! Oh, payback is a B*TCH isn’t it, BofA. The names they SHOULD be registering are the Sr. VPs — the ones the perpetrate the dirty work for Brian the Suck Moynahan. I could list them because I happen to work for them – but I’d rather they sweat it out – while I finish my book :-)

    Bank of America is FILLED with criminals! They MUST fail. If this country is to survive.

  13. BofASurvivor says

    Oh, also not only are they CRIMINALS – they are IDIOTS who firmly believe they are GENIUSES! Always up each others’ butts telling each other how great and smart they are….. ahahahaha

    That makes them even funnier.

    Ivy League, members-of-CFR, criminal bast^rds stealing from regular folks. Even going so far as to foreclose on houses THEY DO NOT OWN. Houses that people had PAID CASH for. Yet, they are doing the ‘honorable’ thing by ‘reviewing’ their home loan modification program. We are not IDIOTS!

  14. BofASurvivor says

    So, did all the BofA IDIOTS enjoy working on Sunday – Jan 2??? All 20 of the Ass Clowns had to work today to ‘verify that there was no missing hard drive’ regarding the WikiLeaks claim. You all are so stupid – how do you remember to breathe??? I can’t wait for the release.

  15. Mike says

    “Greed is killing America” -Corporate Retards

    A) Every person is greedy to the utmost
    B) You’re greedy because you aren’t willing to work for the same cheap price a foreigner would.
    C) Greed is good
    D) Outsourcing is good

    Outsourcing is acquiring cheap labor instead of “paying” itself to work. Money in your hands is useless to the country. Job’s will create money but in the end you are using the money to buy whatever that job created. USA is the #1 consumer and so making stuff and then buying your own stuff at a high price is just plain stupid. Right now we need to produce something or provide a service for foreigners as a source of income. We have a pathetic export right now because we have no resources. China has cheap labor as a resource which is what they are providing us. The way individuals can benefit our economy is either

    A) Try to live a lifestyle that doesn’t depend on the comforts of imported goods and services or expensive goods & services that cost the US a lot of money to make (in other words, live cheap)

    B) Work for the cheap ass wages that many foreign workers get.

  16. says

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