WikiLeaks Domain Not Shut Down, Just DNS

Domain name not seized or shut down; DNS provider takes action.

A story on screams “WikiLeaks fights to stay online after US company withdraws domain name”.

This headline is misleading and suggests that the domain name has been shut down. This is incorrect. When you actually read the story, it says that Everydns took the site down. Everydns was only providing DNS services to Wikileaks. The domain name is registered with Dynadot, which does not appear to have taken any action on the domain name. Really all needs to do is change DNS providers.

Still, the domain name is at risk. Dynadot is a U.S. company and the .org registry is based in the U.S.

Wikileaks is shifting to several alternatives, including country code domain names.


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    Thank you Andrew for clearing this up for people. News agency always seem to have a very hard time explaining domain names and what is associated with them. This is one example of it.

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