ICANN Ombudsman Fails to Hide Story About Air Canada Argument

ICANN Ombudsman tries to get name taken out of public record in air travel dispute.

Earlier this year DNW wrote about ICANN Ombudsman Frank Fowlie and a complaint he filed against Air Canada. A Canadian Transportation Panel found that Fowlie “engaged in abusive and offensive behaviour” on the flight. Needless to say, the complaint made Fowlie look bad. After granting an interview to the Ottawa Citizen and the media attention that ensued, Fowlie tried to get his name removed from the complaint.

Fowlie filed an application for non‑publication of his name in the decision, citing a number of reasons, according to the recently handed down decision denying his request:

-the publication of the decision has had an adverse impact on his livelihood and that since the publication of the decision and the reporting of it in online journals relating to his profession, he has become a target of media scrutiny.

-that a non-publication order is necessary to prevent a serious risk to an important interest which in this case is Dr. Fowlie’s employment as an ombudsman that carries an emphasis on public perception of impartiality and neutrality.

-the ruling has a direct and highly detrimental impact on that perception that goes beyond the scope of mere embarrassment and undermines public confidence in the Office of the Ombudsman. He alleges that this impact directly interferes with his ability to perform his job.

-the scope and nature of his employment is uniquely sensitive to matters such as the present case, and the threat to that employment posed by publication is real.

The review panel denied Fowlie’s request, citing a handful of reasons, such as Fowlie’s failure to submit evidence backing his claims.

(Hat tip George K)


  1. Drew says

    You would think that what with the salaries paid and the way they let Verisign walk all over them, NOTHING would embarrass ICANN, but this Canadian ombudsman dude managed it!

  2. Jake says

    You would think that if he were so truly concerned about the image and integrity of ICANN and the Office of the Ombudsman that he would do the honorable thing and apologize for his behavior and resign his position to protect the integrity of the office he holds. He must not be that truly concerned about ICANN and the Office of the Ombudsman and instead must be more concerned about himself and his salary.

  3. says

    ICANN History books will likely chronicle…

    1. The Ombudsman was an add-on, an after-thought.

    2. It was mostly driven by Canadians looking for a way to have I* revenue (taxes) flowing back into their economy.

    3. A vocal academic Canadian law professor concocted the structure.

    4. The Ombudsman implementation was discovered to be a separate opaque corporation paid large lump-sums of money based on unknown criteria.

    Again, after years of “investigative journalism” it is strange that there is no web-site with a tour of the Ombudsman’s offices (cabin?) or any review of the corporate structure. It apparently became
    another place a check is sent with a hope
    nothing emerges.

    With about 50 people in The.Big.Lie.Society
    and an annual budget of $200,000,000 that
    is about $4,000,000 per person. The top echelon seem to rake in about $16,000,000.

  4. Steve M says

    … and (thanks to the Internet; whether we like it or not) the more he keeps it in the news, the worse it continues to get and the longer it sticks around.

    Time for an ICANN 12-step anger management program?

  5. Landon White says

    BUD, This ones for you!

    I think he should have changed his Title from

    OM,Budsman to Oh,BUDman

    in that he likes to get sloshed….

    Footnote: No, ICANN Have another one,burp
    little man.

  6. Landon White says

    WORRY NOT Fickle Fowlie


    Your poor judgment skills and drunkard ways will be appreciated over with the LAZY… UDRP Bunch,


    UCANN… always get a job With WIPO they LOVE incompetent political hacks.

    Of Note: Canadian Transportation Agency, has denied his pompous sissy claims,
    (i had to wait for dinner) and he was lucky the Federal air marshal did not
    arrest bubbly boy under the terrorist act disruption provision …

    I suppose juice head Fickle Fowlie now knows what it Is like to be on the losing side of the stick, cause it’s only natural, after all, he was quite polished and skilled at ignoring key points of fact presented in case complaints once filed at his soon to be ….”ex-ICANN Office JOB”

    Good Riddance.

  7. Kelsey says

    I cannot say I feel sorry for this man. Just had the unfortunate luck of meeting him with my family and friends on vacation. After calling us disgusting Americans he spit on one of us, put down a defenseless woman, insulted almost all 18 people in our group and put his hands in my husband’s face. On top of it all now that we are home and in our own separate countries he had the balls to figure out who my husband’s employer is and file a complaint. If he had a personal issue with us why is he going to our employers? Oh thats right because he’s nothing but a slimy ball of sludge who’s only purpose is to eat twinkies and file complaints against everyone who so much a breathes in his direction.

  8. mike says

    Kelsey, I just came accross this comment which you posted 2 years after the last. Please tell me if this happenend in Roatan. I am curious to know if this is the same Frank who was there. If so, I am shocked, as he seems to be a repeater.

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