Republicans to ask

Domain names registered for attack on global warming.

Looks like the Republicans — perhaps the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) — are getting ready to ask the question “Who Cares About Global Warming?”, .net, and .org were all registered last Friday to Smartech Corp, which happens to be the favored web hosting company for NRCC.

Last month the NRCC used Smartech Corp to register the names of many of its Democratic foes, followed by the word “Facts”. (e.g. So far those domain names resolve to pages that state “NRCC Microsite. This site is down for maintenance. Please check back again soon.”

Smartech was the official hosting provider of the 2008 National Republican Convention, and has hosted such gems as,, and Smartech’s customers took proactive measures to capture potential Democrat campaign domains for previous elections, such as

(To show I’m not biased here, if anyone knows where the Dems prefer to host their domains, let me know.)


  1. says


    Definitely fitting slogan for the party of ‘no’. Just deny everything!!! There’s no problems in the world. And if so, ‘tax cuts’ and ‘big business pandering’ will solve them!! Good Grief. Glad I don’t have children that’ll have to live tomorrow, in the world we carelessly are destroying for the perks of today!

  2. Will says

    Nice call to action to look beyond the mainstream media and academic smokescreen.

    Hah! And parents are the party of “NO” to toddlers and kids and teens who benefit from rational adult thought and experience to temper the gimme, gimme, free, free, why can’t I have anything I want for free mentality.

    Taxes stifle investment. Private businesses create real jobs. Tax and over-regulate business (big or small) and progress slows.

    Government only “creates” jobs that cost us all much more than if the private sector produced those same positions.

    All domainers (as entrepreneurs) should understand risk vs reward, private innovation vs goverment mandates, taxes = penalties on success.

  3. John Berryhilll says

    “Government only “creates” jobs that cost us all much more than if the private sector produced those same positions.”

    The irony of reading things like this on a forum centered around those who have made their living on the Internet is delicious.

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