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Domain Name Wire

  • When some registar’s whois bans their IP range, they start using illegal botnetworks to proxy their whois request. They are illegaly collecting and storing data by illegal means than selling it to lawyers for huge $$$. Domaintools are as dirty as it gets. They should be investigated by the FBI for cooperating with Russian mob (paying for using their botnet) and sent to jail to cool off. Their money might be even supporting terrorims, so NSA should go after them as well.

    If someone think I am lying, if you got own registrar, ban on whois site these IPs

    All requests from DOmaintools will start comming from many different IP ranges from all over the world. When you research those IP, you will find it is always a windows PC or ADSL modem = botnet of virus infected computers.

  • “TERMS OF USE: You are not authorized to access or query our Whois
    database through the use of electronic processes that are high-volume and
    automated except as reasonably necessary to register domain names or
    modify existing registrations”

    So it seems that Domaintools violate the TOS of most registrars and make a decent profit out of it.

  • …and here we go again.

    You’re making an assumption that a registrar is allowed to limit access to whois.

  • You are making an assumption everyone must be allowed something first before doing it. That’s valid maybe in jail or a scool. But not in normal life in normal democratic society.

  • You might want to check RAA 3.3.5 which specifically ALLOWS registrars to limit access to their whois to leechers/cockroaches like Domaintools. And DOmaintools is unlawfully hacking using illegal botnetworks. Soe registrars should sue these clowns so they finally bugger off

    • @dfgdfg – that would be a shame. As this survey clearly shows, most domainers get a heck of a lot of benefit out of the service. Like checking the registration history of domains we’re buying, keeping tabs on changes to our domains, etc.

  • Domaintools is making money so they should pay money to registrars for leeching, this is BTW also mentioned in RAA.

    And if a registrar decides to block their access and they do not respect it and start to access the whois illegaly using network of infected computers, that’s much bigger shame wouldn;t you agree ?

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