Moniker Trims Silent Auction List for TRAFFIC Auction

Moniker shrinks silent auction, online finance auction ends tomorrow.

Responding to complaints about the unwieldy number of domains in its last major silent (extended) domain auction, Moniker has cut the list from about 5,000 to 1,800 for this month’s auction. I’m not sure if the list is small enough even at 1,800, but it’s definitely a move in the right direction.

The live auction will feature 187 domains and will take place on Wednesday, October 28. Top domains include,, and

But before turning your attention to the big show, Moniker’s sister company SnapNames is holding an online auction featuring 300 domain names related to finance. That auction ends tomorrow. So far only four domains have received bids and three have met their reserves: at $11,770, at $761, and at $300. With so many domains in this auction, it’s possible a few steals will slip through the cracks.


  1. Jody says

    I must be the minority that preferred the list of 5000. More opportunities for buyers and sellers. Maybe some better filters could be put in but it worked for me. It takes less then 2 hours to look over a list of 5000 domains I believe, especially if you weed out the .cm’s and such. Whoever that is too much work for must be a sad case. As a seller you have to worry that your domains might get overlooked but you can put responsible reserves.

    • says

      The problem is that sellers are asked to keep reserves low. I may be willing to sell a domain with a low reserve if it’s in the live auction, but then if it gets stuck in the silent auction it won’t get the attention it deserves.

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