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    1. BY - Mar 16, 2009
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    Toys ‘R’ Us loses search traffic from domain name.

    As I predicted a couple weeks ago, has been de-indexed by Google because the domain is forwarded to Now the value of Toys ‘R’ Us’ $5.1M purchase of has been relegated to type-in traffic and potentially some of the inbound links to

    The type-in traffic is valuable, but now the company doesn’t hold a lock on the #1, #2, and #4 positions in Google for the term “toys”. Its competitors, including, have a chance to creep up. Toys ‘R’ Us could have used 301 forwards on specific pages of the web site to enhance its long tail product search.

    It also appears the toy company could use some help managing its domain names. For example, it owns the typo (no ‘s’ on end of “toys”), but it doesn’t resolve or forward to the company’s web site According to, this simple typo gets over 60,000 unique visitors per month.

    Although Toys ‘R’ Us registers its domains with Mark Monitor, it appears to not use its typosquatting services, as evidenced by the many typos of owned by unrelated parties.


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