Domain Name Book Canceled

Author looking for a new publisher after first one drops project.

An upcoming book about the domain name industry is on hold. Writer David Kesmodel, who currently writes for The Wall Street Journal, has worked hard over the past year or so on the book, but the original publisher involved with the project canceled the book. Kesmodel’s agent is currently shopping the book to other publishers.

“I’m very disappointed, but I’m hoping to find another publisher soon,” Kesmodel told Domain Name Wire. “Lots of people spent a lot of time with me to help me write what I believe is a compelling book.”

Compelling indeed. Kesmodel shared some of his insights and plans with me during the course of his writing. He really dug into the details of the domain industry and its past, present, and future.

While the domain industry has received lots of press in magazines and on the internet, few, if any, books have chronicled the wild ride of the past decade. Kieren McCarthy’s exciting book about the domain name is more than just a chronicle of that domain’s legal limbo, but it doesn’t cover the current market for domain names and the stories about successful domain investors.

Hopefully Kesmodel’s book will get picked up soon. If you want to bankroll it, I’m sure he’ll entertain any proposals.


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    If it is anything like some of the previous nonsense about ruling the roost or root, it will only serve to help mis-inform yet another generation of students/netizens and continue the domination of THE Big Lie Society.

    That of course is how THE Big Lie Society dominates. They control the spin. They control the media. They provide people with illusions of stability and then pick the people’s pockets as the people are herded into THE Big Lie Society’s chambers.

    People cling to corporate wrappers and other forms of “stability” as a replacement for a true understanding of what is going on. Look at something simple, such as address space allocations and the routing of packets based on prefixes. THE Big Lie Society turns that into a huge complex QUANGO and laugh all the way to the bank, and their next “meeting”.

    It is all a big game for the insiders of THE Big Lie Society. They are like the school-yard bullies that play keep-away tossing the ball just over the heads of the fools in the middle of the circle. The fools in the middle never get to see the view from the edge of the schoolyard. They are stuck in the middle and supplied with books that attempt to explain the game.

    If a book were written about what is really going on, THE Big Lie Society would have the author removed and the book contents destroyed. It Seeks Overall Control.

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    This might sound a bit “2.0” but if traditional publishers aren’t interested in publishing a book on domain names, perhaps the author should consider doing it himself.

    The online promotion methods at hand could work wonders for his book (assuming it’s good).

    Blogs like this one provide an excellent visibility and PayPal could make the payment part a snap.

    It’s just an idea, an ‘outside the box’ idea, to be specific.

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