Tips for Domain Landing Pages – from NameMedia Research

Leonard Holmes of ParkQuick provides an update on domain name parking.

NameMedia, the parent company of Active Audience and GoldKey, announced the results of some of their extensive landing page split-testing at the June TRAFFIC New York. These tests were performed on their own domains – presumably domains for sale at Some of their findings:

  • Changing 6,000 domains from a generic “shopping” theme to themes that are relevant to the category of the domain resulted in a 16% increase in click-throughs.
  • Changing 1,000+ domains from single click links alone to single clicks plus related links resulted in 19% higher click-throughs.
  • Adding a logo to a small group of domains increased click-throughs by 2%.
  • Landing pages colored blue had slightly higher click-rates than other color themes.
  • Slightly larger fonts increased click-throughs. Pages with 14pt and 12pt fonts has an 11% lift in clickthroughs over pages with 12 and 11 point fonts.
  • Beware of adding content to landing pages – especially if it gives people something else to click on. On an A/B test on select group of domains where 50% of test are shown a content-rich results page and 50% are shown a plain direct-to-results page, the CTR Was 77 percent higher on non-content results page. has begun covering the services Revenue Direct and WhyPark. Revenue Direct is a division of the registrar Dotster which has a long history as a discount registrar, dating back to the era when Network Solutions dominated the industry. They report that their new custom lander service “gives you the flexibility to customize and add content to your landing pages quickly and easily”. WhyPark is a little different. They advertise themselves as an alternative to parking services. They will create sites full of content and allow you to place your own ads on the site. We are just checking out their services – but they appear to be a good flexible alternative to domain parking – less trouble than fully developing your domains, but with much more potential than single-page parking services. Find out more in the latest Name Monetizer newsletter at

Thanks again, Andrew! It was great meeting you last month.

Leonard Holmes


  1. Andrew says

    a/b test is the same thing as “split testing”. Basically, you send half the visitors to one landing page and half the visitors to the other and compare the results. Make sense?

  2. says

    custom lander service “gives you the flexibility to customize and add content to your landing pages quickly and easily”.

    Hopefully the SEs won’t mind. 😛

  3. says

    Since you mentioned A/B Testing, I was wondering if you had any tests to share on the ab tests dot com site? Also, have you tried signing up for Performable dot com yet?

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