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Namecheap launches domain marketplace

Marketplace includes “buy now” domains and auctions.

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Namecheap announced the official launch of its new domain market today.

Inventory includes 300,000 domain auctions and millions of buy now listings, according to the company. Presumably, some of these listings are syndicated marketplace partnerships.

Namecheap recently pulled its expired domain inventory from GoDaddy Auctions. Now, domain investors will have another platform to watch as domains expire.

In a release, Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall said, “When I started Namecheap way back in 2000, I truly believed that domain names were the digital real estate of the future, and I wanted to make the process of finding and buying them accessible and simple for everyone. Now more than two decades later, many domain names have indeed become valuable digital assets, and we are once again making the process of buying and selling those assets a seamless and easy process with the new Namecheap Market.”

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  1. Just Saying says

    I’m a customer of NameCheap, very good business and product.

    However once I caught them registering a name the very minute after I was searching for one post drop. That was the last time I used their services. It was added to the namecheap portfolio

    I wouldn’t complain in fear of my account being comprised.

    For me knowing that’s something they do, I couldn’t ever use the auction knowing what went on behind the scenes.

    Each too their own.

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