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Bodis launches Ads.com network, SSL for landers

Domain parking company soft-launches ad network and makes other product announcements.

Ads.com landing page
Bodis has launched Ads.com, which it hopes will attract direct advertisers.

Domain name parking company Bodis has soft-launched Ads.com as a direct advertiser platform.

The company monetizes domain names with pay-per-click feeds but hopes to attract advertisers to its Ads.com network that it can use to supplement its traditional ad feeds. It will serve these ads on parked domains that are not approved for monetization by Google.

Team Internet, a domain monetization subsidiary of CentralNic, also has a hybrid model. It uses traditional ad feeds for ParkingCrew, but also has a direct advertiser model with Tonic.com. However, Google still accounts for 92% of its monetization revenue.

Bodis made a couple of other announcements today.

First, it will be implementing SSL on all parked pages using Bodis DNS within 30-60 days.

Second, it has partnered with DAN.com for hybrid domain sales/parked page landers. Unlike most parked pages that just have a link to make an offer, this hybrid page includes an offer form and ads.

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