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Xbox Series X? How about the A, B, and C?

Microsoft registered domains for its new Xbox Series X that include every letter of the alphabet.

Picture of Xbox Series X, a tall black box shape and a game controller
Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X, and registered names for series A, B, C, etc. at the same time.

At the end of last week, Microsoft announced the new Xbox Series X.

As is typical, the company also registered domain names related to the new console, including XboxseriesX.com.

Here’s what’s weird, though: the company registered the same domain and changed the series letter. 26 times. Times multiple domain extensions.

The company registered XboxseriesA.com, XboxseriesB.com, XboxseriesC.com, and so forth, all the way to XboxseriesZ.com.

It even registered these variations in other top level domains including .ca, .net, .fr, .com.br, .at, and even .microsoft. And more.

That’s 26 domains per top level domain, spanning many top level domains. That’s a lot of domains, and I can’t imagine it will do much good.

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  1. thelegendaryjp says

    The more there is to “protect” and monitor the more they can charge MS. Makes perfect sense to me, either MS has a moron working for them or MS is the moron paying for that protection/monitoring.

  2. snoopy1267 says

    The name is very confusing. The last Model was X Box One X and the next model is X Box X? What then is the X Box S? They have the similar issues that Nintendo had a few years ago with the Wii U (sounds like a slightly upgraded version of the Wii).

    When I see these in the store it is very difficult to know if it is the latest model or or an old model. It shouldn’t take research to know if something is the latest or not.

  3. Steve says

    My friend’s little company (maybe 5 people)in coconut grove, miami, fl owned xbox.com and the filed XBOX trademark which Microsoft acquired in 2001 for an “undisclosed amount”. Talk about luck and timing.

  4. thelegendaryjp says

    I may be harsh here but has anyone ever seen what domain monitors charge clients? The more domains the better…. for the monitoring company. Maybe someone who is in the know wishes to share pricing but I will refrain personally, it is a sweeeeet gig and totally unjustifiable for domainers like us.

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