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New TV commercial promotes .Ca domains to Canadians

These cops will pour syrup on your laptop if you choose .Com over .Ca.

Still screen from CIRA ad for .CA domains shows four Canadian mounties with one of them pouring syrup on a person's laptop who is registering a .com domain

CIRA, the registry that manages Canada’s .Ca top level domain name, is running a new TV and streaming ad campaign to urge Canadians to choose .Ca over .Com. The campaign is called Don’t Be a Traitor.

The ads feature Canadian police (I believe they are “mounties” busting people choosing a .com for their web address. Here’s the ad:

Maple syrup on a keyboard? That sucks.

The .com domains featured in the commercial lead toa ctual websites promoting the campaign. The campaign also has its own domain, Choose.ca.

CIRA will run the ads only in the Toronto area from September 23 until November 17. It will also be featured on streaming services and in cinemas in the area.

(Queuing comments from people who think Neustar should do something like this for .Us…)

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  1. MapleDots.ca

    It’s not so much about .ca or .com as it is about owning your content. Don’t let social media or forums be your website. There is no substitute to being in control of your own data and the clear choice is to own a domain regardles of what that extension may be.

      • MapleDots.ca

        Because NP deletes what they want on a whim and won’t delete when something that impacts a members business or releationship with another member. There is no pleading a case or escalating a request, there is just quoting of policies even when both members require a 4 to 5 charactor edit to protect sensitive information. Namepros is not a platform I wish to continue with and I urge everyone to be extremely careful when posting there, if you make an error there is no grace of any sort. I will be back but unfortunately not on namepros. Do as the owner of this blog is doing and own your content. Leave any sensitive information in a place where you have control of what happens to it. Post carefully, and whatever you do, do not post any data from your own business or transactions, a slip can cost you a valuable relationship with another member and there is no way of making a correction even if both sides of the transaction are in agreement that the information should be altered or edited for privacy.

        • Mike

          Agreed, this is very true, without users namepros is nothing, they just want content after content built freely from users.

          Eric and his wife need to take a chill pill.

          • Fiona

            I am looking to create a web site for my creations, what is a good company to get my domain name from. Thanks for your help

    • Eric Lyon

      On NamePros, we have sections where members can remove/edit their content indefinitely (Forever) and we have sections where members can only edit their content for a specific period of time. All edit options come from community feedback that has helped us build this system from over 15+ years of successful operation, and that is how it was decided where posts can be edited anytime vs. only for a certain time. Before posting, we highly recommend that all members read and reference which sections can be edited for unlimited time or limited time: https://www.namepros.com/threads/limits-on-forums-threads-posts-conversations-etc.1047417/#section-030800

      We are even thinking about creating additional sections with indefinite editability and special sections that will allow the thread creator to delete any content in their own thread (By themselves or others). We still need more feedback to determine if this is something that a large part of the community wants because most of the feedback we receive is contrary to that (Members have gotten *very* upset when a thread they have spent time contributing in is wiped/altered days or weeks later. In the past, that has caused some very notable members to leave briefly because they felt their time was wasted when another member decided to edit/alter their own content and then the notable member’s post didn’t make sense anymore out of context.)

      While I understand you’re upset that we would not delete a piece of content, please understand that we never delete content on a “whim” and if you don’t know why something was deleted then please ask and we’ll be happy to explain.

      We have a public guide that explains when we delete content: https://www.namepros.com/threads/content-removal.1047416/ (~99% of the time it comes as a direct result of a community member, one of your peers, reporting it because they want it removed for violating the rules/terms that the community helped build.)

      NamePros tries to be a welcoming place for all, but it’s important to understand which sections are right for you and which are not if you feel strongly about removing posted content after you post it. It’s also important to understand why things work the way they do because all of it is with good intentions for the community: it’s logical, time-tested, and often by member request. Even still, we’re always making improvements and trying to become even better.

      I genuinely hope to see you back on NamePros.

      • MapleDots.ca

        Thank you Eric for your lengthy explanation.

        To anyone reading this Eric has reached out to me personally and resolved my situation.

        I am happy to announce that I will take him up on his offer and return to namepros.

  2. Ethan

    Cool ad 🙂

    My website uses ccTLD, too. While I think the ad could have been more mild and less aggressive, I still admire its humor and pleasantry.

  3. Mark Thorpe

    So Canadian, Love it! Many Canadians trust .CA more than .COM.
    I still don’t understand why .US doesn’t get their extension promoted more. What a waste of a good domain extension!

  4. John Berryhill

    The commercial features a RupertTheRealtor.com domain name, which CIRA apparently went ahead and registered along with the .ca.

    Given that the National Association of Realtors (in the US) and the Canadian Real Estate Association (in Canada) own exclusive rights to the REALTOR mark in their respective jurisdictions, and they also operate their own .realtor TLD, then it is surprising that they would have given consent to use of the REALTOR mark by CIRA in advertising for a competitive domain registry.

    Of course, if CIRA did not obtain the consent of CREA and/or the NAR to use the REALTOR mark for advertising their services, then that probably says something about CIRA’s management.

  5. david

    This commercial has to be the most ignorant piece of garbage i have ever seen. Whoever the advertising company is they should fire the idiot who allowed the crap to be aired on national television.

  6. Glenn

    I find this commercial effensive. People breaking
    Into your bedroom and yelling about your decision, destroying an expensive electronic devise, trying to intentionally hurt someone at a hockey riink and then trying to run over and kill someone with a Zamboni. Involving our national police force in the commission of a crime (breaking and entering) the creative team should rethink the content and how the current commercial will be considered effensive and try again to get the point across more effectively with something different.

  7. Franca Palmieri

    This commercial is offensive on many levels. The creators of this commercial are promoting bullying destroying property, personal attack disguised as body check, ending with attempting to kill a woman as she is running for her life. The last one emphasizing violence against women. Totally disgusting.

    • Michael Pfaff

      While I don’t believe this commercial encourages violence against women in the slightest, I do agree with all your other points. This commercial is disgusting and I’m beginning to rethink my Canadian citizenship.

  8. Miranda

    I absolutely hate this commercial and get upset every time I see it. Why promote Canadians as bully’s? Can someone get this commercial off the air PLEASE?

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