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Overspray company Overreaches in cybersquatting dispute

Company tries to get control of competitor’s domain but is nailed for reverse domain name hijacking instead.

Photo of car with overspray paint

An overspray removal company has been found to have tried reverse domain name hijacking a domain name through UDRP.

National Overspray Removal, LLC filed a cybersquatting complaint with National Arbitration Forum over the domain name nationaloversprayremovalservice.com.

The domain is owned by another Texas company that does overspray removal, a service for removing overspray paint and other chemicals from autos.

The Complainant relied on a trademark it filed in 2017 claiming first use in June 2010. But the Respondent registered the domain in May 2010. Furthermore, it’s clear the Respondent is using the domain for a business.

Noting the dates, panelist Steven M. Levy found in favor of the Respondent and reverse domain name hijacking.

The two parties are currently embroiled in a court case over the name.

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  1. steven says

    why didnt they just go register the plural version … nationaloversprayremovalservices.com

    • Jeff Suggs says

      My name is Jeff Suggs. The ICANN ruled that the Complainant has engaged in reverse domain hijacking by virtue of its bringing the present case in bad faith. This is after the first case being ruled in my favor. The Complainant made a choice when he registered his domain. When he realized that “nationaloversprayremovalservice” was already taken, he choose to remove the word “service” and then decided to sue me years later. I’ve been promoting this website with videos on youtube and vimeo, word press blogs, facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, yelp, etc. for years. Thankfully the law worked in my favor. Justice has been served.

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