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PIR (.org) makes changes to its sales practices

No more volume discounts, focus on quality over quantity.

Public Interest Registry (PIR), the non-profit registry that runs the .org top level domain name, is making changes to how it markets its domains.

Jay Daley, Interim President and CEO of PIR, said in a blog post that the organization is nixing volume discounts. These discounts are only attainable by the largest registrars; new incentives and rebates will be designed so that all registrars can participate.

It will also start judging results by more than just registration numbers. It will look at how domains are used in an effort to favor positive use and avoid spam and other nefarious uses.

Reading between the lines, it also appears that the company will stop participating in pay-for-placement deals with registrars in which it takes on all of the risk.

Daley admits that its headline domain stats might dip in the short term as a result of these changes.

He says the changes mean the organization is moving from a sales-led organization to a marketing-led organization. The company has made several marketing hires as a result.

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